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Aden Bouchard

Aden Bouchard, a standout defenseman hailing from Airdrie, is widely regarded as a top prospect for the upcoming WHL draft in 2024. As a left-handed defenseman, he brings a valuable skill set to the team, especially on the power play. Bouchard consistently demonstrates his ability to effectively move the puck out of his own zone, showcasing his proficiency in defensive transitions. His exceptional hockey IQ allows him to think the game at an elite level, making intelligent decisions on the ice. A cerebral player, Bouchard's passes possess a remarkable touch, delivering accurate and well-placed feeds to his teammates. With a smooth and composed playing style, he exhibits great ease in his movements, adapting to different game situations effortlessly. Bouchard's understanding of defensive responsibilities is evident, as he excels in playing his gaps and maintaining solid positioning. His vigilant nature ensures that he consistently keeps his head up, enabling him to quickly identify opportunities to move the puck up the ice. Aden Bouchard's ability to contribute both offensively and defensively makes him a top WHL Draft prospect.